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Gurjan Veneer factory

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Tops Timber and Veneers is a professional supplier committed to the manufacture of fine wood products and the distribution to all over the world. Over the last 20 years, we formed a passionate team dedicated to the wood industry. Our special knowledge about the wood products contributes a lot to the plant management, quality control, product escalation and market promotion.
We have been engaged in various wood products and growing with further extension of production. Our core business involves the supply of wood veneers and wood panels for plywood and furniture manufacture and molded door skins.
Our experienced team has profound knowledge in manufacture and sourcing, which can offer our customers with the best solutions of what they demand. As a reliable partner, we also focus on the customer maintenance and prompt trouble shooting, which helps us to build our reputation and the long-term partnership with the customers.
Tops Timber and Veneer is certified with FSC, CARB and OLB. We care about the environmental sustainability as well as the demands of the customers. In reward to your kind trust, we will exert ourselves to do everything we do as well as it can be done with the best products and services that you deserve to have.Gurjan Veneer factory


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